Halitosis Program

Halitosis Elimination Program (HELP)

An estimated 65% of Americans have bad breath.  Over forty million Americans have "chronic halitosis," which is persistent bad breath.  People are conscious of their bad breath and want to live free from this  ailment. Bad breath doesn’t cause any physical ailment. It causes social ailment for the people. Those with bad breath problems have lower self-esteem, avoid social situations, and put off important conversations because of it.

While there are some medical conditions and medications which contribute to halitosis, research has shown that 90% of halitosis cases are oral in orgin.  Up until now, there has been no way to treat halitosis - only to cover it up with mouthwashes and mints.  However, new research have enabled us to successfully treat this problem.

Halitosis Fact Sheet

  • Americans spend $4 billion a year on over the counter halitosis products, but are ineffective.
  • Over-the-counter mouthwashes mask the problem making halitosis worse.
  • Halitosis is caused by sulfur producing bacteria found in the deepest crevices in the mouth.
  • The mouth is responsible for 90% of this smell.
  • Medical conditions and medictions constitute a small part of halitosis cases.
  • Food and tobacco are contributing factors to halitosis but are not the primary cause.
  • The primary sites for these halitosis-causing bacteria are the gums and tongue.
  • Halitosis is especially prevalent in gum disease.

Halitosis Elimination Program (HELP)

For the past few years, our office has been involved with the scientific treatment of halitosis.  We are now able to scientifically diagnose and treat halitosis.  For many people, treatment can be simple and highly effective with most cases responding in 1 week. 

This treatment is designed to help freshen your breath and control oral malodor.  With patient compliance, the HELP Program successfully eliminates halitosis!

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